IKhwanweb Under Heavy Cyber Attacks
IKhwanweb Under Heavy Cyber Attacks
Monday, December 11,2006 00:00

Ikhwanweb is back online in most areas in Egypt after the government temporarily blocked access to the Website for several hours. Two web hosting companies based in Egypt are still refusing to allow access to the website. Ikhwanweb technical team has been battling fierce attacks by hackers especially from the U.S and Germany and was brought down several times in the last few days. In some instances, hackers were able to alter the contents of some of the materials posted on Ikhwanweb but were quickly identified and fixed by ikhwanweb’s technicians.

Ikhwanweb has been attacked lately by several websites sympathizing with Al Qaeda especially after the website criticized statements released by Al Qaeda leaders.

Earlier today, Egyptian authorities blocked access to Ikhwanweb in Egypt and made it inaccessible to Egyptian Web surfers. The Egyptian government’s approach towards the Muslim Brotherhood in general has been irrational and it is not known so far why the government would resort to such action.