FJP: Elections Only Viable Way to Ensure Egypt's Stability
FJP: Elections Only Viable Way to Ensure Egypt's Stability
Tuesday, September 13,2011 08:55

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) President, Dr. Mohamed Morsy stressed the importance of holding the Parliamentary and Shura council elections as scheduled to ensure Egypt's stability. 

“It is imperative that elections run as planned since both the upper and lower house will set the country on the right path with its constitutional committees and drafting of laws and regulations. This is the only viable way for Egypt’s stability after the transitional period,“ he said in a statement Monday.

 Morsy rejected recent proposals and circulating rumors that the elections will be postponed. “Any delay of the elections will only extend the transitional period and in turn lengthen the disarray and instability in the country. It is necessary to respect the decisions made earlier regarding the constitution,” he added.

"The people’s will, demonstrated during the March referendum, should be respected, as the people chose to head to the ballot boxes to define who they will be led by and who will represent them in parliament and writing the new constitution. The people have spoken and called for elections; their will must be valued and regarded,” he stressed.