Democratic Alliance Calls on SCAF to Revoke Emergency Law Decision
Democratic Alliance Calls on SCAF to Revoke Emergency Law Decision
Wednesday, September 14,2011 15:53
The Democratic Alliance which met Tuesday in a closed meeting at the Wafd party’s headquarters issued a statement condemning SCAF’s   decision to revive the deplored emergency law.

The statement read by Freedom and Justice Party leader, Dr. Mohamed Beltagy stated: “The Democratic Alliance voices its concern regarding the recent events and developments and decisions that have taken place concerning the future of the Egyptian revolution”.

The meeting which was chaired by Dr. Wahid Abdul Magid, attributed the chaos witnessed on Friday September 9 to the lack of security in the country and the absence of forces to perform their duty. “The Interior Ministry has failed in combating thuggery and has erroneously opted to reviving the emergency law, referring citizens to military courts and silencing the media.”

According to the coalition, these measures are rejected. “We continue to call for amendments to the regulations concerning parliamentary and Shura election and the issuance of a law addressing treachery and political isolation previously requested by members of the coalition in order to prevent the return of the remnants of the former regime and in turn preventing the formation of a vulnerable  parliament,” the statement read.

The statement also demanded SCAF to keep its promise and establish a timeline for a democratic transition to a civilian government and to announce the date of parliamentary elections. It called on public and political powers to stand against any attempt to delay the elections and to focus on the original objectives and demands of the January 25 Revolution and not to be misdirected by additional demands.