MB in Alexandria Organizes Rally Against Counter Revolution
MB in Alexandria Organizes Rally Against Counter Revolution
Saturday, September 17,2011 11:06

Muslim Brotherhood leader in Alexandria Sobhi Saleh stated that the Egyptian people will not allow for the parliamentary elections to be postponed.

Addressing a crowd during a rally titled “Together against the Counter Revolution” in collaboration with the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) following the Friday prayers Sobhi said “The people are entitled to rise up against any illegitimate decision to disregard the referendum. The people have spoken and their decision was clearly voiced at the ballots.”

Directing his words at Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ali Elselmy, Saleh stressed that no entity is entitled to impose supra-constitutional principles. “The Egyptian people may appear tolerant in order to help the rebuilding of Egypt; however, they will not remain passive towards any attempts to counter the revolution. The people are capable of launching an even stronger revolution than January 25,” he said.

He added, the SCAF has thus far performed its much appreciated duty in protecting the nation and the revolution and it is high time it continues in respecting the people’s will and hand over power as scheduled.