Kefaya Condemns Attacks on MB Youth During Rally in Alex
Kefaya Condemns Attacks on MB Youth During Rally in Alex
Saturday, September 17,2011 12:52
By Deana Mohamed
A statement issued by the Egyptian Movement for Change (Kefaya) strongly condemned the assaults on some Muslim Brotherhood youths near the Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria during a Rally organised Friday by MB against the Counter Revolution.

According to the statement, the attacks were incited by former state security personnel from the ousted regime. “These perpetrators do not care for the wellbeing of the country and the MB have been in the forefront of the revolution calling for a civil rule just like any other entity which has Egypt’s interests in mind,” the statement read.

"These attacks are an indecent effort to tarnish the epicentres of the revolution nationwide, beginning with disarray in Tahrir square. We call on all political forces regardless of ideologies to unite and stand in the face of any and all who wish to defame the Egyptian Revolution and to create sedition and sectarian strife benefiting nobody in the process except remnants of the former regime,” the statement added.