Hamas Leader: Palestinian Liberation More Important Than Statehood
Hamas Leader: Palestinian Liberation More Important Than Statehood
Saturday, October 1,2011 13:19

 Khaled Mashaal, Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, stated that liberating Palestine from occupation is more significant than the bid for its statehood.

Speaking on Saturday in Tehran at the International Conference to Support the Palestinian Intifada, the Hamas leader's comments were made in reference to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's current bid for Palestinian Statehood at the United Nations.  "The bid for statehood needs to be politically reviewed in order to strengthen the Palestinian ranks in the face of future challenges," he said.

"The continued building of settlements, and the crimes and offensives against the Palestinians leaves us no choice except resistance." He addressed the Arab leaders calling on them to realize there is no other alternative but to pursue the path of resistance if Palestine is to be liberated.

Praising the Arab Revolutions Mashaal stated: "We support all nations which call for freedom, and the end of corruption." He acknowledged the brave men who sacrificed and paid their lives during the revolutions.

The Conference which kicked off Saturday and adopted the title 'Palestine is Palestinian homeland' was attended by parliamentary speakers from 16 countries as well as delegations from 70 countries.

Jordanian Interior Minister Mazen Saket allowed Mashaal on Thursday to enter Jordan to visit his ailing mother. According to sources the visit was strictly family related with no political meetings in mind.