Morsi: No Retreat from Lifting Emergency Law, NDP Political Ban Before Elections
Morsi: No Retreat from Lifting Emergency Law, NDP Political Ban Before Elections
Monday, October 3,2011 18:13

 The "Democratic Alliance for Egypt" (DA) is to hold a meeting next Tuesday at the headquarters of the "Freedom and Justice" (FJP) at 1 PM to chase the fulfilment of the remaining demands made by the DA to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) last week.

A statement issued by the DA, after a meeting Sunday evening at the Egyptian Wafd Party, mentioned that SCAF has fulfilled only three out of five demands, by abolishing Article V of the Electoral Act – now enabling parties and independents to run for individual seats, and setting a timetable for the transfer of power to an elected civilian authority, as well as announcing a clear and definite timetable for the election of the Constituent Assembly which will draft the constitution and a timetable for electing the president after the completion of a referendum on the new constitution.

The statement delivered by Dr. Mohamed Morsi, chairman of FJP, stressed that the DA is determined to seek the fulfilment of the remaining demands, and the passing of a law to ban members of the "dissolved" National Democratic Party who corrupted political life, as well as lifting the state of emergency, stating that the responsibility of the military and the police is now to guarantee security and protect human rights, and during the elections should bear this responsibility without resorting to special acts, laws and decisions.

Dr. Morsi said that the parties are moving together in an on-going political alliance with one electoral list or with electoral coordination.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi stated that the parties are in continuous process of consultation and constant motion in order to coordinate and unify positions before, during and after the elections, as an alliance that can form a majority in parliament and a government based on that majority and be able to manage the affairs of the country.