Statement by Ennahdha Party on Sidi Bouzid Events
Statement by Ennahdha Party on Sidi Bouzid Events
Saturday, October 29,2011 20:48
Following the sad events in Sidi Bouzid, we wish to clarify that: 
1. We stand with the people of this region which had a pioneering role in igniting the flame of the revolution of 17 December 2010, against the defamatory  campaigns on social networks and in some media against this heroic region and its people. Read More

2. We respect the right to peaceful protest in all circumstances.


 3. We stress the Party's rejection of all allegations which some tried to attribute to some of its leaders and deny the baseless fabricated statements undermining the dignity of Sidi Bouzid.
4. We believe the enemies of the revolution have seized the opportunity to drag the region into a wave of violence, after elections which the world has described as free and fair.
5. We condemn all forms of violence and vandalism, attacks on private and public properties and all attempts at spreading chaos and sinister rumours.
6. We call on all the region's sons and daughters to be vigilant and aware of the plots against the gains of the revolution and to work together for the success of the democratic process.
7. We call on all civil society actors and all political parties to assume responsibility towards current events.
Ennahdha Party Sidi Bouzid Branch