FJP Leader: Democracy in Egypt will Solve Copts Issues
FJP Leader: Democracy in Egypt will Solve Copts Issues
Tuesday, October 18,2011 12:48

 In an article in the New York Times, Ross Douthat wrote that following the revolution in Egypt, “The Coptic community has faced escalating terrorist and mob violence where 100,000 Copts may have fled the country since Mubarak’s fall and if Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) consolidates political power, that figure could grow exponentially”.

In response, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Vice President, Dr. Rafiq Habib, stated that: “The number of Copts migrating before the revolution was high. That migration simply continued following the revolution, especially as the future of Egypt remained uncertain. Obviously, the aims of the revolution will take more than a few months to achieve. Certainly, there are chronic problems in Egyptian society”.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Habib called for patience, “Once democracy is established and a political system is formed there will be some sort of stability in Egypt,” he said. “Problems will be solved and each faction or sector of society will be heard and will be able to express itself freely and its problems will be overcome”, he stressed.

“As soon as elections are underway and the people’s will is voiced through the ballot boxes, a peaceful and calm transition of power will take place in a democratic environment,” he added.

Habib also said: “Thanks to the lies fed and circulated by the former regime to secure the Copts’ support, the Copts suffer from certain Islamist phobia. This phobia is now being used by some Liberalists to unnecessarily scare the Copts from today’s Islamists”.

“Some religious disputes have boiled on for more than four decades, and no serious attempt was made by the former regime to settle them,” he stressed, “the problems in Egypt, will only be successfully solved once democracy is established in a liberated environment”.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), criticised the report published in the latest edition of The New York Times newspaper, in which it is claimed that: if the Muslim Brotherhood party gains power in Egypt, Christians would have to leave the country.

Moreover, Secretary-General stressed that the Copts are an integral part of this country and nation, declaring the FJP’s rejection of these falsehoods and propaganda promoted by the Zionist lobby in the US in order to further fuel the discord among the people of Egypt, to derail the country’s progress, prevent its great people from fulfilling their will, and keep Egypt in the grip of the USA.

"We reject, refute and resist this falsehood. We will always endeavour to maintain the unity of our country and our great Egyptian people, which demolished the corrupt regime strongly supported by these Zionists,"