FJP Receives Polish Ambassador in Cairo
FJP Receives Polish Ambassador in Cairo
Friday, December 9,2011 10:02

 Dr. Essam El-Erian, Deputy Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), met with Piotr Puchta, Polish ambassador in Cairo and his two assistants on Thursday at the party's headquarters .

The Polish ambassador congratulated the Egyptian people on their first truly democratic elections, pointing out that it came in line with the international standards for elections and reflected the civilization of the Egyptian people.
The ambassador stressed that the government of his country is supportive to the Egyptians' will towards democratic change. He also added that it respects the outcome of the elections and will be working with the upcoming parliament for the best interest of both countries.
El-Erian welcomed the delegation. This is the third meeting between the Polish ambassador and FJP leaders.
El-Erian pointed out that FJP is keen on working with all parties to smoothly get past this stage.
Concerning coalitions, El-Erian stressed that FJP is now part of the Democratic Alliance for Egypt and has not yet discussed any other potential coalitions with other parties, pointing out that the next constitution will be a responsibility of all Egyptians and the parliament will elect a drafting committee from inside and outside the parliament.
Furthermore, El-Erian expressed his wishes for economic development in Egypt following the democratic transition and countering corruption while reforming the legislation which will allow an atmosphere of free competition and provide equal opportunities for all.