Head of Tourism Workers Syndicate: We Do Not Fear MB
Head of Tourism Workers Syndicate: We Do Not Fear MB
Friday, December 9,2011 17:02

 Bassem Halaqa, Head of the Tourism Workers Syndicate, expressed that he was not concerned over the tourism industry in Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood, (MB). He stated: “The leading number of seats secured by them in the first phase of the parliamentary elections does not worry me in the slightest”.

Speaking to the Middle East News Agency, (MENA), Thursday, he explained: “The MB are politically and administratively experienced and are an extremely organized faction. Their presence among the people in the community including those in the tourism industry has deemed them highly popular. The MB knows too well that employees in this industry depend on the tourism to bring in their earnings and it is for this reason that the MB will not oppose it”.

He added: “This sector employs well over 3 million employees who depend on tourism to feed their families which include up to 18 million people. Tourism brings in no less than 12 billion dollars into Egypt annually. The Ministry, in fact, has plans hoping to bring in more than 25 billion dollars by the year 2025”.