Syrian National Council: Assad's Threat to the World not to Recognize Us "Cowardly"
Syrian National Council: Assad's Threat to the World not to Recognize Us
Thursday, October 13,2011 23:54

 Yasser Najjar, member of the Syrian National Council (SNC), rejected Syrian threats of retaliation against any country to recognize the SNC officially.

Earlier, in a press conference with ministers from five Latin American countries visiting Syria to show support for the regime, Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem, warned against the world's recognition of the SNC opposition. “We will take strict measures against any country that recognizes the SNC opposition,” he said.
In a statement to IkhwanWeb, Najjar said: "Evidently, the Syrian regime is showing its real face, its real attitudes toward all domestic and foreign opposition. It uses repression and torture in Syria; and now tries to use the repressive style to threaten any country that will recognize the SNC, which unites all Syrian opposition and has popular support in Syria. Only last Friday, Syrian protesters entitled their demonstration: "The National Council Represents Us."
"This threat of retaliation is evidence that the Syrian regime is in its final throes," he added.
He stressed that the Syrian regime, which could not liberate the Golan Heights from the grip of the Zionist entity, now vows and threatens retaliation against the Middle East and the whole world.
"The Syrian regime – which killed children and raped women – is cowardly. If it had enough courage, it should go now and immediately. The revolution will be victorious no matter how severe the repression," he said.