FJP MP In Luxor: Supporting Tourism is One of our Priorities
FJP MP In Luxor: Supporting Tourism is One of our Priorities
Tuesday, December 13,2011 15:27

 Dr. Abdelmawgood Rageh Dardiri, Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) candidate for Luxor constituency, stressed that supporting tourism in Egypt is one of FJP’s top priorities as an important source of national income.   

Abdelmawgood said at a conference held Saturday at a hotel in Luxor that tourism should be maintained and developed and all obstacles should be lifted.
He also pointed out to the importance of breaking the monopoly by major tour operators for projects and tourism activities in Luxor, while giving the tour guides all their legitimate rights.
He stressed that the party will preserve storage operations, regulation of search and exploration, as antiques reflect the glorious history of a great nation.
 He also added that the party calls for promoting other types of tourism, in addition to cultural tourism, which is to dominate the tourism sector in Egypt.
Abdelmawgood answered the questions of some attendees which included heads of companies and projects and some foreigners regarding the party’s position from Copts and building of churches saying : “Christians are our brothers, they have same rights and obligations and a delegation from the church visited me at my home to congratulate me for winning.”
He added: “make a comparison between Muslims in Andalusia following the collapse of the state and Christians at the time of the Islamic conquest of Egypt and you will learn the reality of this religion. Look at the situation of black people in America for long years – I worked there for 15 years- . Quran spoke of Virgin Mary and the Christ well and the FJP’s program guarantees full rights of Christians.”