Beltagy: SCAF Has Become Collaborator in Disrupting Egypt's Peace and Security
Beltagy: SCAF Has Become Collaborator in Disrupting Egypt's Peace and Security
Saturday, December 17,2011 00:10

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Executive Office of the "Freedom and Justice" party (FJP), on behalf of the party and its Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, attended the funeral of martyrs who were killed in the current Cabinet clashes.

Dr. Beltagy stated that those who ignite the fires of sedition and seek to drive a wedge between the citizens of the one homeland, protesters and security forces, are in the first place ferociously trying to abort the Egyptian revolution and obstruct its historical march towards achieving its objectives, of which none have been achieved, so far, except the fall of the head of the former regime.

He explained that he believes the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) was slow in the management of the transitional period so much that it became a collaborator with those disrupting Egypt’s security and safety. He expressed surprise at successive statements issued immediately after bloody events anywhere in Egypt claiming that there are hidden hands tampering with the nation’s safety. He called upon SCAF to quickly identify these invisible hands, through the services of the military intelligence, national security forces, public security department and all security institutions.

Dr. Beltagy confirmed that there are plots being hatched, domestically – inside Egypt – and abroad, which clearly threaten the fate of the glorious Egyptian revolution, while SCAF stands idly by, doing nothing to uncover and address them. “It’s as though SCAF is governing a country other than Egypt!” he added.

Dr. Beltagy pointed out that the timing of these clashes is very alarming, especially as they come in the middle of the parliamentary elections process, which is the first step in building Egypt as a modern institutions state, where the law is upheld, where rights are safeguarded, stressing that SCAF tries to create new crises as the time for power transfer to an elected civilian government gets closer. “We had Selmi’s Supra-Constitutional Initiative ahead of parliamentary elections, and then the Mohammed Mahmoud Street clashes, where the army came out with its armoured vehicles to crush peaceful protestors,” he said.

Dr. Beltagy pointed out that SCAF wishes to limit the powers of the coming parliament, so its own role dominates the legislative council. “This was rejected by all parties and political stakeholders, and strongly confronted by all the Egyptian people, who wish to expedite the completion of power handover, start construction of Egypt on firm democratic foundations and achieve the objectives of the glorious Egyptian revolution".

“The former regime’s body still rules this country. Its followers still play havoc with the security and safety of the nation. They are doing everything in their power to subvert what is left of the country’s institutions and spread chaos and panic among the citizens and to drive wedges between the people of the one homeland,” he said.

He accused SCAF, as the governing authority running this country in the transitional period, of failing to manage the affairs of Egypt, and causing the country to fall back drastically during its reign. Dr. Beltagy also called upon SCAF to quickly reveal the identities of all those responsible for killing demonstrators in front of Maspero, the Balloon Theatre and Mohamed Mahmoud Street, and those who seek to ignite the situation in Egypt, at this critical time, in the streets around the People's Assembly and the Shura Council.

In conclusion, Dr. Beltagy wondered how SCAF and the Cabinet claim that no-one fired any shots at the demonstrators despite the large numbers of dead and wounded fallen with real bullets in the clashes, including Azhar Sheikh Emad Effat, Secretary General of the Fatwa Committee.