Condemning Anti-Jewish Slogans, Ennahdha "Jews in Tunisia are full citizens with equal rights and duties"
Condemning Anti-Jewish Slogans, Ennahdha
Monday, January 9,2012 08:33

At the reception of Mr Ismail Haniyeh at Tunis-Carthage Airport on Thursday 5 January 2011, a handful of individuals among the hundreds of people welcoming Mr Haniyeh raised some anti-Jewish slogans. Ennahdha reiterates that Jewish citizens have lived peacefully in their country Tunisia for centuries, and that Jews in Tunisia are full citizens with equal rights and duties.

Ennahdha, represented by its president and secretary general, had met with the leader of the Jewish community in Tunis who came to congratulate the party following the announcement of the constituent assembly election results. Mr Roger Bismuth  expressed his feeling of reassurance concerning the state of the country which has been characterised by peaceful coexistence between all citizens regardless of their faiths and sects.

Ennahdha condemns these slogans which do not represent Islam’s spirit or teachings, and considers those who raised them as a marginal group. It also denounces certain European lobbies’ alarmist declarations and attempts to tarnish the image of Tunisia and the achievements of the revolution using islamophobia and anti-semitism as pretexts for their campaign`.

Ennahdha calls on all Tunisia men and women- Muslims, Jews, Christians and others- to remain committed to their unity and solidarity in the service of their country.
Ennahdha Party Chairman

Rached Ghannouchi