FJP Press Release (49), Egyptian Legislative Elections (Third Phase, Deferred Elections)
FJP Press Release (49), Egyptian Legislative Elections (Third Phase, Deferred Elections)
Sunday, January 15,2012 09:04

 The first day of the parliamentary elections’ third-stage deferred voting has come to an end in the first constituency of Qaliubiya governorate (Mohsen Yousef Radi, Hani Gad Fahim Gad), the first constituency of Dakahlia governorate (Tariq Qutb), the third constituency in Qena (Ali Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Shishni), in addition to candidate list elections in South Sinai – where elections for ‘individual’ seats passed off peacefully while the lists  elections witnessed voters being prevented from reaching polling sites by gun-toting thugs. The FJP's central operations room Legal Committee has filed a report and complaint with the High Judicial Elections Commission which reported the matter to the armed forces, but they did not address the issue until the ballot boxes were closed.

The FJP emphasizes that those practices do hinder the electorate, and cause the results to be unrepresentative of the desire of the Egyptian people and their choice of those who represent them in the post-revolution Parliament. This requires that the armed forces – who have since the beginning of the election played a major role in supporting the electoral process – should take all necessary measures to protect voters and enable them to safely cast their votes.

The FJP notes that, at the Supreme Administrative Court's decision of re-election in the Dakahlia constituency ‘lists’ 1 and 3, Sohaj constituency ‘lists’ 1 and 2, as well as Qaliubiya constituency ‘list’ 1, elections will be held on the 18th and 19th of January 2012.

The party emphasizes that the Egyptian people, who participated in the electoral process right from the outset on 28 November last year in such a civilized and dignified manner that dazzled the world, will cherish the completion of the celebration of its first electoral experience that is truly free from interventions and fraud, with tremendous, effective and positive participation in the election re-runs and runoffs, both in these constituencies as above, or others to be held this week.