Statement by Ennahdha On the Anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution
Statement by Ennahdha On the Anniversary of the Tunisian Revolution
Sunday, January 15,2012 14:47

Today 14 January 2012, the brave Tunisian people are commemorating the first anniversary of the victory of their great revolution which compelled the dictator to flee, liberated our country from authoritarianism, corruption and reinstated our people's sovereignty and dignity.

On this occasion, Ennahdha Party:
1. Prays for the souls of the revolution's martyrs who paved Tunisia's path to freedom and revived the whole region.
2. Renews its faithfulness to the martyrs and its commitment to achieving the aims of the revolution- freedom, dignity, justice and equality.
3. Salutes the sacrifices of the wounded and of generations of women and men who struggled in prison and in exile and paid a dear price for freedom.
4. Highlights that after reinstating the legitimacy of democracy and re-building state institutions, the priority will be given to the rights of martyrs and their families, the wounded of the revolution and the victims of the previous regime.
5. Pledges to speedy action alongside the legitimate government in order to achieve a development model that enables deprived regions and communities to access their rightful share of national resources and guarantees all Tunisian women and men the right to a dignified life without any discrimination and marginalisation.
6. Calls on all Tunisians to constant vigilance to protect their revolution and preserve their union in order to build together a Tunisia of freedom, dignity and democracy.
Ennahdha Party Chairman
Rached Ghannouchi