Morsi Meets With Germany's Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, Discuss Bilateral Relations
Morsi Meets With Germany's Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, Discuss Bilateral Relations
Monday, January 16,2012 07:58

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman for the Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP) received Sunday Mr. Henrik Kreft assistant to Germany's Foreign Affairs Minister. Morsi welcomed Kreft's remarks that Egypt will embark on a new era laced with freedom, progress and development following the January 25 Revolution. He stressed: "Priorities lie in forming the state's institutions including both the upper and lower house assemblies, and administrative offices through the formation  of elected government and president".

He added: "The FJP along with its alliance made up of 10 parties succeeded in securing 47% of parliament seats, and that discussions are afoot with other political blocs and parties to form a majority in parliament which will work effectively in achieving an agenda serving best interests of Egypt and its citizens including the drafting of a new constitution worthy of the people after the revolution".
Morsi stressed that cooperation, consensus and coordination between the parties during the transitional period will undoubtedly be more effective than focusing on differences.
"With the task of drafting a new constitution, it is significant that all spectrums in the community be represented in Constituent Assembly, which will be drafting the  new constitution"
He confirmed that the party is keen that all of Egypt's differing sectors will be involved in this process including both parliamentarians and non parliamentarian, and will include members from the judiciary, army, police, in addition to workers and farmers.
"Muslims, Christians, trade union members, youths university professors, and men and women will all be represented so that the new constitution be reflective of the people's equal interests".

For his part, Kreft congratulated Morsi for elections win, stressing that Germany fully respected the results of the democratically held elections. He also added that the German government has been closely following developments since the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia, confirming that Germany is hoping to strengthen ties and bi-lateral relations between the two countries during the upcoming period.