Beltagy: Parliament is an Extension to Tahrir Square
Beltagy: Parliament is an Extension to Tahrir Square
Thursday, January 26,2012 11:17

 Speaking during the January 25 Revolution celebrations, from the Muslim Brotherhood-run stage, FJP MP Mohmed Beltagy addressed the crowd reminding them of last year's revolutionary cry signaling unity, he stated "We are here to confirm that the Revolution is ongoing. It is like today that we were reborn and we will continue until the demands of all of Egypt are met and to assure you that the parliament is an extension to the Square. We promise you that we will remain loyal to the martyrs who sacrificed their souls during the revolution. The parliament which you vested your trust in will not be rested till the rights of the martyrs and those injured during the revolution are completely restored".

He added: "A parliamentary committee will be formed specifically to restore the rights of those who lost their lives and sacrificed".

 We will announce the termination of citizens being tried by military court and it will be a decision made by the parliament and not the ruling authorities. "The parliament will also announce the judiciary's independence in an effort to reassure the people that the farce we are currently witnessing in the court hearings will never again be repeated".

Concluding his address, Beltagy observed: "We fully support the peaceful handover of authority from SCAF to a civilly elected authority and this will be possible once the Shura Council elections are completed and nominations and elections for a president take place.  Our new president must be held accountable for all his actions. Amid applause Beltagy shouted: "Change, Freedom Social Justice"