Badie: Preparations Underway for Sixth All-Party Conference for Egypt
Badie: Preparations Underway for Sixth All-Party Conference for Egypt
Wednesday, February 15,2012 12:12

 In a news conference after casting his vote in the second phase of Shura Council (SC) elections, Muslim Brotherhood's Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, underscored the importance of voting in the election of Egypt's Upper House of Parliament in order to complete the rebuilding of Egypt’s institutions, stressing the need for re-consideration of the SC's role in the future, especially its competence.

He explained that the long lines of people who queued to vote for the People’s Assembly would not be repeated for the SC, unless people believed that it is different institution with different powers that assumes an important role next to the first chamber. He pointed out that the SC’s current role is important in the writing of the new Constitution and the discussion of its provisions.

Dr. Badie criticized attempts for collision and confrontation with the people and refusal to fulfill their demands, stressing that the time of tyranny is over and that the people have the first and last word, but that freedom comes with responsibility
Further, Dr. Badie denounced attempts of civil disobedience, strikes and stopping the wheel of production, describing Egyptian people's rejection of calls to civil disobedience as a "remarkable referendum" on the refusal of certain parties to listen to and accept the word of the people, on those parties’ attempt to impose their own views on the masses of Egyptian people. “Thus came the answer: a resounding rejection. Those parties should respect the people, just like they did before.The individual must not rule over the majority; and the majority must not overrule the individual.

Dr. Badie valued the Egyptian people’s show of support for the steadfastness of the Syrian revolutionaries. He said, of the Egyptians, they are "beautiful people: they pay donations for Syria’s injured, despite the burdens they have to struggle with".
Criticizing the position of the Russian and Chinese regimes against the Syrian people’s will, the MB Chairman prayed God to take revenge on Syria’s tyrant Bashar Al-Assad and his army, and prayed for victory for the great Syrian people.

On the controersey surrounding NGOs' foreign funding, Badie said that the judiciary has the final word in this case, and that the West must respect Egypt’s institutions just as it respects its own, rejecting attempts to influence the judiciary.

He explained that the (MB) Brothers announced they seek a coalition government, so as to deliver important messages to all, after certain parties accused the MB of trying to dodge responsibility. Dr. Badie stressed that that is not true, adding that the Brothers are servants of the people, and have always been, even in the darkest circumstances and in times of adversity and crisis, in detention centers and prisons.

The MB Chairman pointed out that the Brothers did not nominate anyone of their own for president, fearing for their country from confrontation due to the president’s affiliation, at this time, adding that, “Current circumstances compel us to form a stable coalition government, including all ideologies and leanings, as far as possible, and to provide a long-term road map.

Dr. Badie called on the media to support change, the ongoing democratic transformation, turning a new page for the new era of the revolution. He said that the broadcast word is a great responsibility that journalists and media figures must bear.

In conclusion, the MB Chairman pointed out that all Egypt’s political forces, stakeholders, thinkers and scientists will be invited to a “Dialogue for Egypt (6)” conference at MB headquarters in Moqattam, Cairo, to discuss the interests of this homeland, on a vast platform that will accommodate all.