Heshmat Welcomes Recall of Egyptian Ambassador to Syria; Demands Bashar Departure
Heshmat Welcomes Recall of Egyptian Ambassador to Syria; Demands Bashar Departure
Monday, February 20,2012 14:40

 The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has urgently summoned Shawky Ismail, the Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus. Amr Rushdie, a spokesman for the Ministry and Minister Plenipotentiary, said, “On Sunday morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Amr, met with Ambassador Shawki Ismail and discussed ongoing developments in Syria. It has been decided that the Ambassador will remain in Cairo, until further notice last”.

Dr. Jamal Heshmat, Undersecretary of the Foreign Relations Committee of the People's Assembly (PA) and MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), hailed the decision to recall the ambassador as a good step, worthy of encouragement.

In a statement, Dr. Heshmat raised a question regarding the withdrawal of the ambassador, saying, "Why has the FM refrained from declaring the reason for this withdrawal? Is it for consultation? Or is it to reduce the diplomatic mission in Damascus? Or is it perhaps a message of protest to the massacres perpetrated against the Syrian people?"

Dr. Heshmat demanded immediate departure of the Syrian regime, pointing out that Bashar’s regime is nothing but a gang that only looked beautiful in the past - hiding behind the idea of the resistance – but has now revealed its criminally brutal nature in atrocities against its own people. He denounced support of China, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah for the repressive Syrian regime as totally unacceptable.

Further, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Heshmat asserted that the Syrians’ peaceful revolution will be victorious over the war waged by Bashar Al-Assad against the popular will and the free people of Syria.