Unique Alexandria Expo Promotes Micro Enterprises
Unique Alexandria Expo Promotes Micro Enterprises
Wednesday, March 7,2012 07:59

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Women's Committee in Alexandria, in coordination with the party’s Development Committee, has organized a convention and exposition to support and encourage small-scale industries and micro enterprises.

Nevin Aljendi, Chairwoman of the FJP Women's Committee in Alexandria, said that the aim of the exhibition, which will be held in Shallalat Park on April 13, and is the first of its kind in the province, is to support and promote micro enterprises and small-scale industries, and to create productive families, to help solve the twin problems of poverty and unemployment. She explained that the event will include several workshops and seminars for the owners of micro enterprises and industries to boost their productivity, pointing that a group of businessmen will be at hand, willing to grant ‘friendly’ (interest-free) loans – with easy installment schedules – to the owners of feasible projects.

With regard to other activities of the Women’s Committee, Nevin Aljendi pointed out that the FJP has launched two literacy classes for the deaf and dumb in the city’s Werdian district, within the framework of a bigger literacy project adopted by the committee. Moreover, she added that the Women’s Committee campaign to fight breast cancer – in coordination with 5 of the city’s hospitals – managed to educate 1600 women about the nature of the disease and to perform 100 mammogram (x-ray) tests.