Morsi, Karre Vow Stronger Egyptian-Swedish Relations
Morsi, Karre Vow Stronger Egyptian-Swedish Relations
Monday, March 19,2012 16:56

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), received on Sunday, 18 March 2012, Malin Kärre, Swedish Ambassador to Egypt, at the party’s headquarters in Cairo. The meeting addressed the Egyptian political scene in the current transitional phase, where Dr. Morsi outlined a striking new vision of domestic and foreign issues for the FJP.

Dr. Morsi welcomed the ambassador of Sweden, and expressed his appreciation for the visit, stressing the importance of communication with the countries of the European Union in general and Sweden in particular, to support bilateral relations in various fields.

Regarding the relationship between the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi said that the Brotherhood had established the party for all Egyptians, to take part in political activities and compete for power, and that there is constant coordination and consultation between the two sides within the framework of a common vision, objectives, general policies and broad principles, although they do use different means and mechanisms of action.

Dr. Morsi mentioned that the FJP sees the need to change the current interim government, describing it as shaky, indecisive and incapable of making critical, timely and effective decisions to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian society, the Egyptian people, in post-revolution Egypt. He added that the party is ready to assume its responsibilities, as the parliamentary majority, to form a coalition government, commitment towards the country’s national unity, co-existence, integration and cooperation among all its constituent political powers, parties and stakeholders, and truly representing the reality of Egyptian society.

With respect to the position of the FJP on endorsement of a presidential candidate, Dr. Morsi said that the party is debating the issue; and pointed out that the FJP National Committee’s meeting, on Friday 16 March 2012, discussed the presidential election. He added that the National Committee is to complete its discussions of this issue at a meeting scheduled for the coming weekend.

For her part, Malin Kärre congratulated the FJP on the sweeping victory they achieved in Egyptian parliamentary elections, which reflects the confidence of the Egyptian people in the party’s program. She conveyed the government of Sweden’s respect for the results of these elections, which she described as free, fair and characterized by clear integrity, transparency and impartiality.