Egyptian Judiciary Refutes Constituent Assembly Invalidity Claims
Egyptian Judiciary Refutes Constituent Assembly Invalidity Claims
Thursday, March 22,2012 07:40
By Hussien Mahmoud

Dr. Farid Ismail, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Bureau and Deputy of the Defense, National Security and Mobilization Committee of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) asserted that the FJP is determined for the Constituent Assembly to be expressive of all the Egyptian people.

In a statement to ikhwanweb, Dr. Ismail expressed surprise at threats by certain parties to withdraw from the Constituent Assembly (CA), describing them as an undemocratic pressure, and urging all to support democracy, and respect the wishes of the voters and the will of the Egyptian people.

Dr. Ismail denied that the FJP has already decided the number of its MPs who will join the CA. However, he stressed that the party still holds that the PA’s political currents should be represented by their MPs in the CA tasked with writing the new Constitution.

Meanwhile, Counselor Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Vice President of the State Council and Head of the Administrative Court’s Technical Office denied rumors circulated on certain websites claiming that the Administrative Court has issued a ruling to overturn the parliament’s decision that the CA would comprise 50% from within the parliament and 50% from outside.

Further, Counselor Dr. Mohamed Hassan said that there is a proceeding on this matter before the court, but no hearing session has been determined for it so far, and certainly no ruling has been issued in this regard. He appealed to all the print and broadcast media to urgently investigate the accuracy of the news they publish, in order to preserve public order and maintain stability, not to create confusion and not to publish any news pertaining to the administrative courts of justice unless released only by the competent authority at the State Council.

Earlier, a number of Egyptian websites had posted stories of the Administrative Court invalidating the composition of the CA with parliament’s decision of 50 members from the PA and 50 from outside.