Dr. Morsi: Comprehensive Renaissance Project for Egypt Starts Soon
Dr. Morsi: Comprehensive Renaissance Project for Egypt Starts Soon
Tuesday, April 3,2012 15:15

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said there was no real reason for concerns raised by some about the nomination of prominent businessman Al-Shater for the presidency, nor for attempts to portray the FJP as a power-grabbing party out to take control of all leadership positions in the country, for all those are utterly baseless claims.

Dr. Morsi asserted that, "These fears are completely unfounded, as we, at the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood are committed to the principle of participation not confrontation, which is one of the most important foundations on which we base all our social and political actions and activities in all areas. Moreover, the nomination of a member of the Brotherhood for any post, no matter how important, is only putting him forward to the public for approval, so the people may support our decision to endorse him, in a climate of genuine freedom and democracy".

Further, the FJP Chairman described uproar raised by certain media outlets, following the decision to nominate Al-Shater, as a clear sign of their conviction that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate stands a good chance of winning this mandate, and recognition of the trust the people place in the organization’s decisions, with which - everyone knows - it only aims to serve and progress this homeland’s national interests, regardless of the burdens it has to shoulder as a result.

Dr. Morsi pointed that the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood issued the decision to field a candidate after a series of serious discussions at the FJP National Committee and the Brotherhood’s consultative Shura Council, and also after reviewing all the changes that occurred in recent months. He added that everyone had hoped things would go smoothly, through the past months, towards building a modern democratic Egypt.

He pointed out that this decision was taken only after the march of democratic transformation slowed down dramatically, and it transpired that things were going in an opposite direction to that which everyone expected. That started with the current government’s absolute failure and its spineless performance. Then, there were actions taken to impede the democratic process and to undo or overturn the gains achieved by the Egyptian people through the blessed revolution. These latest changes prompted the Brotherhood and the FJP’s institutions to take this position for the sake of Egypt and all its citizens.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi pointed that when the majority shoulders the responsibility of executive management, it will be able to implement the program it has painstakingly prepared for development and real renaissance, rejuvenating the homeland, re-energizing the nation, in order to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the great Egyptian people.

In conclusion, the FJP Chairman said that the endorsement of Al-Shater is an opportunity to implement a greatly-detailed, comprehensive project of powerful progress for Egypt, which will be the new locomotive for development of this homeland which deserves that all of her children should put higher national interests before narrower personal or partisan interests.