Alexandria Welcomes Brotherhood and FJP Presidential Candidate
Alexandria Welcomes Brotherhood and FJP Presidential Candidate
Tuesday, May 1,2012 20:09

Thousands of Alexandrians welcomed Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi, Tuesday, April 24. The visit began with a positive, friendly meeting attended by Salafist Da'wa prominent sheikhs headed by Yasser Borhami, Mohamed Ismail Al-Moqaddim, and Abdel Moneim Shahat, while the Brotherhood’s presidential contender was accompanied by Khairat Al-Shater, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr, and Dr. Essam Al-Haddad.

Dr. Morsi also met with 800 businessmen and entrepreneurs from Alexandria. This was followed by an audience of 20,000 in a popular conference in Mahatta (Station) Square.


Meeting with Businessmen

Dr. Morsi’s visit to Alexandria began with a meeting attended by 800 businessmen in which he said that the former regime represented a blunt aggression against the homeland’s dignity and the Egyptian people’s pride, for long decades violating the constitution, the law, customs and traditions, not to mention the Emergency Law which Mubarak's gang itself had laid down. He added that the Egyptian people were determined to achieve the revolution's remaining goals.

“The Nahda (Renaissance) Project we are proposing bears glad tidings for Egypt.  It is a project that will benefit Egypt without the control of one segment or group, because we are all one people sharing the same blessed land and sky”, Dr. Morsi said. 

Morsi further added that the project will be reflective of all Egyptians intellectually, strategically and through its clear policy.

Brotherhood Executive Bureau Member Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr thanked Azhar and Endowments officials and the Salafist Da’wa and the Jam’aa Islamiya (the Islamic Group) of Alexandria for their kind hospitality.

Attendees included a number of diplomats, Alexandrian MPs, representatives of university teaching staff, syndicates of medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, and engineering, and charity societies, female activists, student union figures, and representatives of the West Alexandria tribes and Nubian communities in Alexandria.

Although the former regime's executive authority used to eliminate all patriots who endeavored to work sincerely for Egypt’s progress and development and protection, Dr. Morsi affirmed, noble businessmen who have not been influenced by the climate of bribery and favoritism still exist.


Massive Conference in Mahatta (Station) Square

Dr. Morsi affirmed that Alexandria witnessed the spark of the revolution, the martyr cases of Khaled Saeed, Sayyid Bilal, Amira Salim, and Noor Aly.


In his address, Morsi focused on a number of essential points:

·         Egyptians are united in the country's squares proving that the revolution is still alive; Egyptians will not turn back until the journey is completed and all their goals are achieved.

·         Justice is our motto in the upcoming phase in all domains; our electoral symbol is the ‘scale’ – a clear message of our duty in protecting justice through the rule of the law and constitution; our project mantra is "Renaissance: the will of people" and development is its goal.

Egyptians are united in their aims of a stable country, development, freedom, dignity and social justice for all segments of society.

In modern Egypt, no Muslim or Christian will be oppressed or persecuted, because God granted mankind the right and freedom of belief.

Optimism and trust in God, and that the people who rose up against oppression and dictatorship will not allow it to happen again.

Egyptian dignity is above all else, uncompromisable: "The fulfillment of Egyptians’ aspirations and protecting their dignity are my goals; and I will not allow them to be threatened under any conditions".  Mubarak and his regime robbed Egypt twice by stealing 5 trillion Egyptian pounds of the country's wealth and by incurring heavy debts.

Meanwhile, Brotherhood Administrative Office Head, Medhat Al-Haddad, asserted that "if it weren't for the efforts of the revolutionaries, we wouldn't have been here", and that "there's no way Egypt can rise and progress without the will of its people", adding that "the Egyptian people are capable of embarking on the path of rejuvenation and real renaissance".

"Our nomination of Dr. Mohamed Morsi was to fulfill our duty towards the people", Haddad added, stressing that Nahda Project is for the whole nation, and that the Brotherhood is indeed offering a program, rather than a person.

He further called on the audience to direct their efforts towards rebuilding Egypt, and emphasized the importance of establishing elected institutions, distinguished parties, and a coalition government led by the majority party.

Throughout the conference different slogans were chanted such as "Morsi is the nation's hope", "Chant loud and strong, Morsi is our President", "Unite Egyptian and close ranks, Nahda Project is calling us".