Highlights of "Morsi for President" Campaign
Highlights of
Thursday, May 3,2012 19:59

The "Morsi for President" campaign announced 25 Goals for the FJP and Brotherhood presidential contender.

The most important goals of the campaign can be summarized as entrenching values of democracy and Shura (consultation) so that elections become the sole means of selecting most governorate and local district leaders.

The campaign further aims to promote and protect political rights, freedom of expression, right to form parties, and to end political arrests and detention and exceptional trials, to guarantee citizens the right to civilian trials.

The campaign underscored the importance of working towards a judicial system completely independent from the executive authority and the political system, so as to ensure its integrity and ability to achieve justice for all citizens regardless of their affiliations.

The campaign stated that Dr. Morsi’s top priorities are the restructuring and development of the security system, its independence from the political system, and reassessing staff remuneration to provide a dignified life for security employees, as an incentive to ensure they fulfill their valued and vital role in protecting the lives and possessions of Egyptians.

The campaign underscored the necessity of reassessing the governorates’ special funds and subjecting them to monitorial authorities and directing their credit towards development projects under the state's budget.

The campaign further referred to the importance of increasing the number of families benefitting from social security and retirement pensions from half a million to three million families.

The campaign further announced its effort to cancel debts of farmers who are incapable of paying them off and to provide more than 1.25 million job opportunities at all levels matching different qualifications and capabilities of these individuals and hence reducing unemployment rates by 15% annually.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi’s campaign also emphasized the goal of developing financial and monetary policies to address the budget deficit and ensure fair assessment of the Egyptian Pound to confront the general debt inflation in addition to implementing a program for restructuring government salaries.

The campaign called for the development of all elements of the healthcare system. It aims to develop treatment, medical research, funding, and required laws, as well as first and precautionary aid, hospital and ambulance treatment.

Moreover, the campaign aims at increasing the healthcare budget gradually, to provide necessary medicine at affordable prices for patients, to build an integrated health insurance system and to pass a health insurance law that would save 11% of the family's annual budget usually spent on medical treatment.

The goals further include the advancement of the tourist sector through an integrated plan based on diversity. The plan's target is 2 million tourists by the end of 2016, providing 220 million tourist nights.

They also include an increase in resources in the tourism industry at cumulative rates reaching 25 billion dollars and providing around 300,000 job opportunities daily.

The campaign affirmed the importance of technical and professional training and of tying it with the job market while reforming the current system and benefitting from university graduates in scientific research and creativity, and adopting new models for the educational process.