FJP Women Committee: Military Council Bears Consequences of Women Arbitrary Arrest, Detention
FJP Women Committee: Military Council Bears Consequences of Women Arbitrary Arrest, Detention
Sunday, May 6,2012 08:50

Hoda Abdel Moneim, lawyer and Chairwoman of the Women's Affairs Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in east Cairo, called for quick release of all detainees held by military police, and especially females.

"We call on the military judiciary to be fair and release them immediately. We warn against any delay by the military prosecutor. If those ladies are not released soon, the Egyptian People's response may be totally unpredictable and tremendously overwhelming, as they are already angry for not really winning their long lost freedom even after the revolution, and for the recent escalation against them, and now this violence and detention."

Hoda Abdel Moneim denounced the random arrest of these women, especially as they are simply Egyptian citizens with no political orientation, many of whom are physicians who happened to be helping treat the wounded in the field hospital and sought shelter in Nour Mosque under a barrage of bullets in the street.

She added that the escalation by military police towards women is both unjustified and unprecedented, which demonstrates how the powers that be are challenging the will of the people.

She further regretted that the appeal in military trials is submitted before the same prosecutor, who beats the purpose, since it almost certainly leads to the same verdict. She therefore appealed to all political forces to work together until those women are released, denouncing the way this crisis is being dealt with, the escalation and the violence and repression, adding: “By contrast, not a single thug has been arrested”.

“Also the media, judging by their totally unprofessional performance over the past couple of days, are corrupt to the core. They seem determined to tarnish the image of the detainees, the same approach they took during the first days of the revolution and in the days of the just as corrupt former regime.”