Dr. Morsi ‘90 Minutes’ Interview – Tuesday, May 15
Dr. Morsi ‘90 Minutes’ Interview – Tuesday, May 15
Friday, May 18,2012 16:06

In a live interview with TV presenter Amr Laithi, in the program ‘90 Minutes’ on the satellite channel ‘al-Mehwar’, Tuesday (15 May), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s frontrunner in the presidential elections, said: “Egypt needs everyone's efforts, in all fields and specializations.

“Egypt also needs that we hold the interests of the country above all else”, he added, pointing out that if developments on the scene call for sacrifice for the homeland, every individual, every citizen has to meet the call.”

Dr. Morsi, further reiterated that Christians are partners in the homeland, just as Egyptian as the whole nation.

“They have the same rights, established by the law for all Egyptians, including the right of belief and worship. Also, Islam commands us to protect churches just as we protect mosques.

“The contrived crisis about church construction was setup like a time-bomb by the former regime. But there will be no problem for building churches in modern Egypt, if I emerge the winner of the presidential race.”

Dr. Morsi said that he did not seek any executive positions, and that all positions he held thus far were purely portals through which he contributed to his community, and society at large.

“I was elected as a member of Parliament, a member of university teaching staff and a member of the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau, and then I was chosen to lead the Brotherhood’s new political wing, the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

“As a rule, I do not pay attention to any criticism directed at me personally. But I believe criticism should be constructive, so as to enrich democracy.”

The FJP Chairman added, “What I find perturbing is criticism that hammers the higher interests of Egypt. Indeed, it is ludicrous to criticize, argue and provoke controversy only to pour abuse on someone or to vilify some organization.

“People should be objective, and positively try to show the pros and cons, the good points and the bad ones, with an eye to resolving issues and supporting collaborative endeavors.”

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi reiterated that Islamic reference means a modern State in which the nation is the source of authority, and the people choose who represents or governs them.

“The principles of Sharia do not conflict with the modern civil State, which is built on the rule of law, and educating young people to moral virtue.”