Dr. Erian: We Seek Consensus Not Complementary Constitutional Declaration
Dr. Erian: We Seek Consensus Not Complementary Constitutional Declaration
Tuesday, May 22,2012 08:25

In a phone call to the program "Egypt - The Presidential Race" on the satellite TV channel Al-Jazeera, Dr. Essam Erian, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the Egyptian People's Assembly, reiterated that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) will never stop its endeavors for reunification of the political players and stakeholders and achieving a broad consensus.

He further asserted that parliament does not have the power to amend the current Constitutional Declaration, nor does it have the authority to issue another constitutional declaration or annex. Thus, Erian believes Egypt’s political players could agree on a code of honor that would include the minimum requirements.

Dr. Erian explained that the FJP met with political stakeholders, over the past few days, and discussed the most important issues that can be agreed upon without any further constitutional supplement.

Dr. Erian pointed out that just as Egyptians – in the last phase – coexisted with SCAF and a Government that was not elected by the people, Egypt’s political forces and stakeholders, with a workable consensus and collective wisdom, are able to coexist with these developments and get through the crisis with no unnecessary diversions or distractions.

Furthermore, Dr. Erian emphasized that no-one is entitled or authorized to issue a constitutional declaration and that, “SCAF does not have any legislative power, to start with. How can it have authority to issue a constitutional declaration? The Constitution is the highest and most important piece of legislation”.