Morsi, Shafiq Face-Off Live on Egyptian Television, Tuesday June 12
Morsi, Shafiq Face-Off Live on Egyptian Television, Tuesday June 12
Sunday, June 10,2012 11:07

Egyptian TV’s News Sector, headed by Ibrahim Al-Sayyad, has finalized preparations for a new form of televised elections confrontation to be held between Dr. Mohamed Morsi, candidate for the presidency in the run-off elections, and presidential candidate General Ahmed Shafiq. This is to be broadcast live on Tuesday, June 12.

Candidates refused a ‘traditional’ face-to-face debate. So, it is now scheduled for each candidate to be interviewed separately, with broadcasters selected from the Federation of Radio and TV news sector. Those would ask the same questions, in the same context, at the same time, live.

TV presenters Sharif Fouad and Ahmed Bosayla are to interview Dr. Mohamed Morsi, with the live broadcast starting from 10PM on TV channels 1 and 2. Meanwhile, Atef Kamel and Amr Shenawi will interview General Ahmed Shafiq, live on satellite TV channels Almasriya and Nile News. Then, the two interviews are broadcast once again, switching channels, from 12 midnight.

Ahmed Anis, Minister of Information, had invited both candidates for a televised live debate, but they declined. It was then agreed that the face-off would substitute a direct debate, providing the same opportunities to both candidates, while committing to high standards of transparency on Egyptian television.