Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Agreement
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Agreement
Friday, June 8,2012 11:11

The Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) confirms commitment to the agreement reached by the political groups and parties on Thursday June 7, 2012 at the New Wafd Party regarding the criteria for formation of the Constituent Assembly (CA) entrusted with writing the new constitution.

This agreement reflects determination and resolve by everyone to put Egypt's interests above all else and is proof of the ability of national and political parties, groups and movements to overcome any differences as the interests of the country are the main motive for all.

The party points that it was keen from the outset that the composition of the CA be by broad consensus among political parties and stakeholders. We were keen on this since we decided to abide by the administrative court ruling that invalidated the first formation of the CA. We chose consultation with all parties represented in parliament as the only path for re-formation of the CA in accordance with standards that ensure a true partnership between citizens of the homeland, without domination or marginalization of anyone.

The FJP emphasizes that the agreement signed this morning is the same as agreed since the start of meetings and consultations among parliamentarian parties after the Administrative Court issued its ruling.

This agreement offers balanced representation for all parties, authorities, institutions, trade unions and specialized federations, as well as representation of legal scholars, experts and public personalities, and generally ensuring adequate representation of youth, women and Copts.

The FJP hopes that with this agreement, the CA will begin its mission of drafting a constitution that reflects the hopes and aspirations of the whole Egyptian people, with all its components and denominations after the glorious revolution, all the way to the modern State we seek, based on democracy and respect for citizenship and human rights, protects public and private freedoms, and stands up against the reproduction of despotism and dictatorship which the Egyptian people suffered for so long.

The FJP attends a meeting today between political parties and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), in which the FJP is represented by Mr. Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, head of the FJP parliamentary bloc in the People’s Assembly; and Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant Secretary-General of the FJP.

Composition of the Constituent Assembly

The participants agreed on the formation of the CA entrusted with drawing up the new constitution as follows:

First: 15 members from law scholars, jurists and the judiciary

Second: 9 members from religious institutions

Third: 6 members from specialized federations

Fourth: 3 members from the executive branch

Fifth: 7 members from trade unions

Sixth: 39 members from ten political parties

Seventh: 21 members from amongst public figures

The full formation of the CA is to general take into account offering adequate representation of women, youth and Copts.

Attendees further agreed to commit to the consensus concept when discussing the articles of the constitution. If full agreement could not be reached on some articles, consensus can be reached with a 67% vote by the members. If this ratio is not attained, the decision is taken with a 57% vote after 48 hours.

Moreover, attendees agreed to take into account full balance and fair representation of the various stakeholders, groups and movements in the CA so as no single political current dominates decision-making in the panel. They also agreed to continue the dialogue on how to achieve this balance in the formation of the CA before the run-off election.

Attendees: The FJP, Nour Party, Wafd, Al-Wassat, Construction and Development, Ghadd Althawra, Al-Hadara.