Hamdi Qandil: Forming Cabinet is President Morsi's Priority
Hamdi Qandil: Forming Cabinet is President Morsi's Priority
Monday, July 16,2012 23:41

Hamdi Qandil, famous media figure and member of the Egyptian National Front (ENF), said that President Mohamed Morsi, during a consultative meeting with the country’s political groups and movements attended by Qandil, Saturday, affirmed that he will meet the pledges he made to the ENF, announced on June 22.

In recent posts on his Twitter account, Qandil stated that his impression of the meeting was the President’s main priority, after his return from the African summit, will be to form a government.

Qandil further tweeted that the new Egyptian prime minister will be a worthy national figure whose name will be announced Tuesday – most probably, adding that the majority of the members of government will not hail from Islamist movements, with competence and efficiency as the main criteria used in selecting all members.

He added that the release of detainees and military-court prisoners is also a priority for the president, and that release will begin with the Muslim month of Ramadan, or even before that, with hundreds included in the first group to be so released.

Moreover, Qandil said, the president's relationship is quite sensitive with the military council (SCAF), the judiciary and the media, adding that there is certainly a media war waged against the President.

Nevertheless, Qandil continued, there will be no media massacre under Morsi, pointing that it had been agreed to lay the ground for a phase of stability that allows a powerful restart for the economy.