Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constitutional Referendum Second Phase Results
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constitutional Referendum Second Phase Results
Sunday, December 23,2012 04:43

Yesterday, the Egyptian people continued the march towards completion of their modern democratic State, having irrevocably folded the dark pages of past injustice and oppression. Millions of citizens in seventeen provinces turned out to vote on the draft constitution.

For the second time in one week, the world saw those millions of Egyptians patiently standing in line for long hours, determined to express their opinion and announce their decision.

It is a true measure of this enlightened nation’s civilized nature that no violent incidents were reported during voting, despite all the sharp political differences. This indicates that the great Egyptian people are embracing the democratic process.

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) monitors did ascertain that voting and counting were completed under full judicial supervision and monitoring of human rights organizations, with full local and international media cover.

Although some irregularities were reported, they were so few and limited, they had no effect on the integrity of the referendum.

Our monitors in FJP operating room reported the following almost-final results after counting 99% of ballots in all polling stations, according to announcements made by venerable judges and the records of the official counting committees, in accordance with relevant laws.

It should be noted that the results of the first phase showed the approval of approximately 56.5% of those who voted on the draft constitution, in addition to about 68% of Egyptians abroad.

This indicates that the majority of the Egyptian people (about 64% of those who voted) have made their decision to accept the draft constitution. These results remain approximate, awaiting the announcement of the final results by the High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC), the authority officially supervising the referendum process, which has the right and the duty to make the final announcement of the result.

The FJP expresses its thanks to every Egyptian who cast ballots, regardless of whether they voted "Yes" or "No", and especially to honorable judges who supervised the referendum process in cooperation with the HJEC and the brave men of the armed forces and police who have succeeded in securing the voting process.

While we congratulate the Egyptian people on this great event, we hope approving the new constitution would be an historic opportunity to reunite national forces, on the basis of mutual respect and sincere dialogue, in order to achieve stability in this homeland and to complete its constitutional institutions.

We further hope that we can together achieve the objectives of the January 25 revolution, and build together a promising future for Egypt, with freedom, equality and decent living for all the sons and daughters of this one homeland.

May God protect Egypt and its good people, and guide us all to serve its higher interests.

Freedom and Justice Party