Freedom and Justice Newspaper Under Siege, Muslim Brotherhood's Website HQ Torched
Freedom and Justice Newspaper Under Siege, Muslim Brotherhood's Website HQ Torched
Thursday, January 24,2013 19:57

The Journalists for Reform (JFR) movement expressed its condemnation of the siege and attacks by some demonstrators on the Freedom and Justice Newspaper headquarters Wednesday amid lack of solidarity by other print and broadcast media that were quick to react when threats or suggestions of attacks against the Wafd party, Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Watan newspapers were hinted at.

In a statement, the JFR confirmed solidarity with all journalists besieged inside the newspaper’s headquarters. It urged the Ministry of Interior to secure their safe exit, as it did in all trade union issues and the siege of other news establishments.

"We call on the Press Syndicate Council, who visited news organizations in similar circumstances earlier, to announce their position on the siege of our colleagues and their newspaper. The Council should pay the newspaper a visit, without delay, so as not to be accused of siding with one political current.

The JFR stressed that it continues to defend all honorable journalists, whatever their political orientation, indicating that the journalists' union is independent, not partisan, and its members must be united as one in the face of crises.

Meanwhile, unidentified masked men torched the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s website (Ikhwanonline) in downtown Cairo.

At 11:30pm on Wednesday, thugs threw Molotov cocktails into Ikhwanonline’s office and fled, setting the place on fire. Residents in the same building put out the fire as security authorities and the fire-brigade were called and arrived promptly.