Rashad Al-Bayoumi: Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Receive Black Bloc Death Threats
Rashad Al-Bayoumi: Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Receive Black Bloc Death Threats
Wednesday, February 13,2013 06:20

 Dr. Rashad Bayoumi, Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader, revealed that he and other Brotherhood leaders received threats from the so-called "Black Bloc" group.

He pointed that a member of that group also insulted and threatened Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Brotherhood Secretary-General. The same person also called and threatened Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, Brotherhood deputy leader.

Dr. Bayoumi said he did not pay much attention to this matter, nor did he make a complaint to the prosecution service about this threat.

Commenting on the Brotherhood's finances, Dr. Bayoumi reiterated that the organization uses its members own money to spend on different activities 

"I challenge any anti-Brotherhood individuals, groups or movements to prove that the Muslim Brotherhood received a single Penny in funding from abroad, throughout the Brotherhood’s entire history. All rumors and claims about this matter being circulated are pitiable desperate attempts to distort the history and tarnish the image of the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Right from its inception, members finance the Muslim Brotherhood from their own pockets. They pay a certain percentage of their income into the Brotherhood’s coffers. This is how the Brotherhood is funded, from the pockets of its own members."

Dr. Bayoumi pointed that wealthier members of the group volunteer to pay more than the prescribed percentage. They do that willingly, with pleasure and satisfaction, knowing that it is all for the sake of God and in the interest of Egypt, our homeland, and for Egyptians, our people.