Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Friday 15 Demonstration Rallies
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Friday 15 Demonstration Rallies
Wednesday, February 13,2013 21:50

The Muslim Brotherhood greatly appreciates calls by Gama’a Islamiya and the Construction and Development Party for peaceful demonstration rallies outside Cairo University on Friday February 15, 2013 under the title "Together Against Violence" to denounce all acts of thuggery, vandalism, killing of citizens, attacks on policemen, damaging of institutions and the disruption of production and of the people's interests.

The Brotherhood holds that Egyptians have always been builders of civilization, culture and values, while ongoing violence, sabotage and subversion, under flimsy political cover and with gleeful media incitement, cannot be even remotely related to glorious Egyptian patriotism.

Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to participate in this Friday’s events with only a symbolic presence due to the group's strategy to focus on construction and development of the whole society through the "Together, We Build Egypt" campaign.

The Muslim Brotherhood


Cairo - February 13, 2013