Erian: Shura Council Will Not Cause Parliamentary Elections Delay
Erian: Shura Council Will Not Cause Parliamentary Elections Delay
Wednesday, February 20,2013 00:03

Dr. Essam El-Erian, head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Parliamentary Bloc at the Shura Council (second chamber of Egyptian parliament), affirmed that the Council has officially received the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruling on the Law of parliamentary elections.

On Monday, the SCC, headed by Judge Maher Beheiri, ruled unconstitutional amendments in texts of the House of Representatives and political rights laws, regarding articles on the definition of a ‘worker’, and the division of constituencies. The court also stressed that if a lawmaker changed his/her political affiliation, his/her membership would come to an end.

Dr. Erian said: "The FJP parliamentary bloc will abide by the SCC ruling. We will not debate the matter further. A comprehensive plan has been prepared by the Shura Council's Legislative and Constitutional Committee for the division of constituencies, taking into account all the observations made by lawmakers and political parties.

"The elections will be held as prescribed in the new constitution. The Shura Council will not cause that to be postponed. The court ruling is binding. We will comply."