Freedom and Justice Party Reiterates Confidence in Egypt Military
Freedom and Justice Party Reiterates Confidence in Egypt Military
Wednesday, February 27,2013 17:20

A new wave of rumors and false news rippled through Egypt’s political scene, aimed at shaking the confidence of the people in their armed forces and sowing strife between political parties and the leaders of the great army of Egypt.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) reaffirms its deep respect of the Egyptian armed forces and appreciation for its glorious history and its honorable work today.

The FJP holds that the Egyptian army played a positive role in the success of the January 25 Revolution, and that its leaders dutifully handed over power to the elected President after they contributed to the protection of the people's will and the effective management of elections that will be remembered by history for a long time to come. Army leadership also announced that the Egyptian military respects the will of the people, and does not interfere in the political process.

The party, along with the entire Egyptian people, also has confidence that members of the armed forces are patriotic, loyal sons of this homeland, who valiantly defend its national security.

The party is currently investigating a rumor against an FJP member commenting on the circumstances surrounding the earlier criminal incident in Rafah. The party condemns any prejudice or slander against the leaders of the armed forces, and believes in those leaders’ patriotism and devotion to the country’s legitimate authority, according to established Egyptian military tradition. The FJP will certainly take necessary disciplinary action, if an offense of any kind against the Egyptian army is proven.

Meanwhile, the FJP calls on all politicians and leaders of thought and opinion to carefully note the independence of Egypt’s great army, and not to drag it into the arena of political rivalries. This is the army of all Egyptians, which has been and will continue to be the shield protecting the whole nation.

May God bless and protect the great army of Egypt

Freedom and Justice Party