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Muslim Brotherhood Young Journalists Condemn Storming of Press Organizations HQs
Muslim Brotherhood Young Journalists Condemn Storming of Press Organizations HQs
Monday, March 11,2013 07:05

 Through their 'Journalists for Reform' movement, young Brotherhood journalists denounced an attempt to storm and torch Al-Watan newspaper offices by unknown assailants.

Earlier, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s official (Arabic) website Ikhwanonline was stormed, vandalized and torched, and when the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) newspaper was threatened, the movement had warned against keeping quiet about such violence, because journalists pay a heavy price whatever their organization’s ideology or political orientation.

The movement also affirmed solidarity with Al-Dostour journalists’ sit-in, and with restoring usurped rights of Wafd journalists regarding employment conditions and trade union membership, on the basis of its general support for young journalists in the face of aggressors against the law, the press and workers’ rights.

The movement further condemns the vicious attack on the colleague Haitham Ammar, Al-Mogaz newspaper journalist, by one of the officers securing the perimeter of the U.S. embassy in Cairo. It confirmed that all press professionals should close ranks and work to prevent abuses and restore their rights.

Hassan Elkabany, movement coordinator, says: "The midterm elections on Friday may well be one of the important tools for change, reform and correcting the path by selecting a great new Council comprising the best and most positive and alert youth and symbols of the profession".