Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Fair Judicial System
Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Fair Judicial System
Thursday, April 18,2013 04:34

 In a press statement from Dr. Murad Ali, media adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the party warned of problems within the justice system.

"The Egyptian people made their great Revolution to achieve justice and to at last hold the corrupt accountable. If the judiciary cannot achieve justice, if the honorable judges fail to exact retribution on the criminals who killed our sons, defiled our daughters and plundered our money and resources, evidently the justice system suffers great imbalance.

"The absurd provisions repeatedly acquitting symbols of corruption and criminality of the Mubarak regime confirm that the revolution is not yet complete. So, there is no alternative to establishing a fair judicial system comparable to developed world systems that ensure retribution for victims and restore to people their rights."

Dr. Ali went on, saying: "All national, patriotic parties and movements must unite and close ranks to regain the revolution and foil the plot to exonerate Mubarak and replicate his regime".