Syria Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Arab and International Action Against Assad Massacres
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Arab and International Action Against Assad Massacres
Tuesday, May 7,2013 17:29

In a press statement, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria asserted that Bashar Al-Assad’s brutal regime is in fact accelerating the pace of vengeful massacres against the Syrian people who rose in their revolution against injustice and oppression.

Assad’s forces are committing more unthinkable crimes and inhuman massacres of civilians, women and children and old people, burning their bodies before moving on to fresh grounds, to break the will of the people whose sons and daughters have pledged to sacrifice their blood and souls for the sake of freedom and dignity.

"The massacres of Assad’s gangs have become too numerous to list, after losing credibility completely. Massacres are carried out around the clock, focusing on remote and isolated villages, which are in fact far from the revolutionaries and protesters, indicating Assad’s intention to take revenge on the people at large, in full partnership with ethnic allies in Qom and Tehran, Baghdad and the southern suburbs of Lebanon. This is only part of a series of crimes whose planners and implementers seek to drag Syria into an outright sectarian war, preparing to occupy, evacuate and divide Syria, robbing its people of their free will.

"The recent horrific massacres committed by the regime’s criminal militia in all parts of Syria will generate a violent reaction with fire blasting back at the barbaric perpetrators.
"Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood affirms that it stands fully with the Syrian people and their revolution, giving everything it can in the face of a tyrant, criminal regime. We reject the sectarian project upon which the authoritarian regime and its allies are embarked. We call on every person of conscience to stand by our people and supply them with all the requirements to bolster their steadfast commitment and struggling defense in this fierce war being waged against them.

"The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria calls on the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the international community to assume their historical, moral and humanitarian obligations towards the people being subjected to organized and systematic genocide, as the demented regime vengefully uses all means of destruction and killing against them, from slaughtering their children with knives, to use of internationally-banned chemical weapons."