Muslim Brotherhood: Ballot Boxes - Not Coup - Way to Change
Muslim Brotherhood: Ballot Boxes - Not Coup - Way to Change
Saturday, June 8,2013 20:12

In a statement, Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said: "Mechanisms of change in democratic systems, which have been adopted in the Egyptian Constitution, are well known. The opposition’s coup-for-change mentality will drag the homeland onto a tremendously dangerous path, where no government will remain in power for two weeks.

"The current regime does not have any fears regarding what may happen on June 30. Fear should be in the hearts of those who rob the people and betray the homeland. The current president and his government are doing their best, having inherited a state that had been razed culturally and socially, with huge debts and total political and security chaos."

Mehrez added, "Any president in this precarious period would have suffered the greatest hardship. Many of those who fail to connect with the people and fear the ballot-box resort to any means – legal or illegal – to bring about a violent coup.

"Despite all we suffer now in Egypt, it is still the best among all countries of the Arab Spring, something which worries old guard interest groups as well as enemies of Egypt abroad."