Katatni: FJP Appreciates Sisi's Comments; Renews Call for National Dialogue
Katatni: FJP Appreciates Sisi's Comments; Renews Call for National Dialogue
Monday, June 24,2013 15:39

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman, expressed the party's appreciation for the comments made Sunday by General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, Minister of Defense and Military Production.

In a statement Sunday, Dr. Katatni said: "General Sisi’s comments reflect the extent of displeasure and concern that all national institutions, including the military, feel with regard to last week’s violence across the country under the pretext of demonstrations, and attempts to push the country into chaos, discord and civil war, dragging the people into conflict, strife and bloodshed taking advantage of the atmosphere of freedom and democracy achieved by the January 25 Revolution.

The FJP chairman further expressed deep appreciation that the military command affirmed national and moral obligations will not allow this situation to threaten the security of the people and the stability of the country, stressing the need for all institutions, especially the military, to do their duties to maintain the unity and cohesion of society at large.

Dr. Katatni also expressed appreciation for the General Command of the Armed Forces’ resolve to focus fully on raising the combat efficiency of the Forces’ personnel and equipment and the achievements made in this regard, as well as the military’s commitment to keep its troops away from the political arena.

The FJP chairman renewed his call for opposition parties to respond to repeated invitations for dialogue, so as to stand together in the face of desperate attempts by the enemies of the Revolution to drag the country to chaos, violence and anarchy.