Opposition MPs Deny Media Resignations
Opposition MPs Deny Media Resignations
Sunday, June 30,2013 18:50

MP Taher Abdel-Mohsen, Legislative Committee Chairman at Shura Council (SC, second chamber of Egypt’s parliament, charged with legislative power) and member of the Freedom and Justice Party, revealed that some MPs who recently resigned from the SC told Dr. Ahmed Fahmi, Speaker of the SC, that their resignations on live programs in satellite channels were only 'dramatic Media Show pauses', and that they have not submitted any real resignations (i.e. in writing, as stipulated by the Constitution).

MP Abdel-Mohsen mentioned MPs Nagi Al-Shahabi and Mohamed Hanafi by name, pointing that House Speaker Fahmi held a special committee session to decide on the resignation of MPs as announced live on satellite TV channels, and to take appropriate action accordingly, but was surprised by the MPs in question calling him to deny they ever resigned.

MP Abdel-Mohsen called on members of parliament to be gallant and chivalrous enough to bear the responsibility of their actions and the results of announcing their resignations to the public to sow sedition, pointing that an MP has clear responsibilities towards the people who voted him or her into parliament, and therefore may not casually manipulate the will of voters by quitting and then changing their mind when the counter-revolution fails.