Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Cairo Car Bombing, Rejects Violence
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Cairo Car Bombing, Rejects Violence
Friday, September 6,2013 00:39

Today a car bomb exploded in Cairo as the motorcade of coup Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim passed by, according to news sources. Even before the dust has settled, the Junta and its allies have started trying to laying the blame at the feet of the anti-coup movement. We condemn any violence in the strongest possible terms, regardless of whoever is behind it.

Throughout its long history, the Muslim Brotherhood has always eschewed violence. Mr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s General Guide, said on the stage at Rabaa, “Our peacefulness is more powerful than their bullets”.

A strong parallel can be drawn between Nasser’s coup of 1954 and today. Nasser used bogus allegations of alleged assassination attempts to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood. To the unbiased observer it would seem that the Junta is using the same bankrupt tactics 60 years on.

The Muslim Brotherhood stands by the principles of peace, democracy and justice. We are guided by our Islamic faith and the wise words of all those who blazed the trail of Civil Resistance.