Brotherhood Students Statement on Giving Arrest Power to University Security Personnel
Brotherhood Students Statement on Giving Arrest Power to University Security Personnel
Monday, September 9,2013 05:20

Muslim Brotherhood students issued the following statement in response to the military-appointed government granting campus security personnel powers to arrest and detain students:

Granting powers of arrest to administrative staff at universities at this critical time reflects the coup’s confusion between two fires...

On the one hand, to postpone the start of the academic year would set young people free to descend on squares of liberty, pride and protest, sending negative messages to the deluded and to the world at large about the false claims of total control of the security situation and of progress in the economy and politics – with supposedly solid steps in amending the Constitution, and other lies that the putschists’ media henchmen fabricate daily...

On the other hand, to anger youth who will wholly destroy their despotism and threaten their dreams, would earn the wrath of Egypt’s students who do not accept injustice in their homeland, as evident in the revolt at universities Sunday (September 8), and over the past few days, in rejection of military rule and solidarity with the will of the people: the Constitution, the President, the Upper House (Shura Council).

Ultimately, we are not unduly worried about the return of powers of arrest, which youth previously defeated by kicking out university security personnel under Mubarak. Nor are we worried about the brutal repression by the ruling fascists. These are totally marginal to our cause – natural phenomena associated with the coup against the achievements of the glorious January 25 Revolution.

We will not betray the blood of the martyrs, nor forget the pains of the injured and the sorrow and cries of our abducted fellow students.

We will persist in our nonviolent struggle with steadfastness and resolve in all universities, by all means, until we completely defeat the bloody coup in our homeland.

Holding fast to our Revolution, persevering in peacefulness.

"God has full power and control, but most people do not know" (Quran 12:21)

"Those who do wrong will soon come to know where they will end up." (Quran 26:227)

Suhaib Abdel-Maksoud

Muslim Brotherhood Students Spokesman