Speech notes for Abeer Al-Askary, International Press Freedom Award Winners
Friday, November 3,2006 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

First of all I want to thank Canadian Journalists for Free __Expression for choosing me for this award which encourages me to continue what I began in Egypt. For the last eight years as a journalist I have covered governmental corruption in a lot of areas in Egypt and uncovered scandals of the Ministry of Interior who torture and murder innocent people in police stations and state security investigation centers around the country.

I will continue to write the profile of any officer who tortures or intimidates people in Egypt and provide the information to local and international human rights organizations so they can be prosecuted in an international court. And I will continue to defend religious freedom for all.

I ask everyone present today,  every newspaper and organization who believe in freedom of __expression to support Wael Abbas. He is the   Editor in Chief   of the first  Egyptian electronic newspaper called Misrdigital   because the government is targeting him.   They are trying to falsely accused  him with the charge of "violating public security" by publishing false news.  
The truth is that last week, when the Egyptians were celebrating the Ramadan feast, Wael published a very important report about many incidents of sexual harassment that happened on the streets of downtown Cairo, supported with pictures and testimonials of eye witnesses. At the same time, two TV stations broadcasted the same news supported with pictures.
The Ministry of Interior now is running a very aggressive campaign against Wael Abbas and they want to arrest him. As we speak now, Wael is not living at his home because he is afraid that he will be arrested at any time. He is in hiding.
Electronic Journalism is still not quite under the control of the government, but they are still persecuting all the bloggers. They have recently opened a new office at the State Security called "Bloggers’ Squad Office".
Wael analyzed the sexual harassment incidents happening on the streets of Cairo as lack of proper policing and security. The Police and Security Force are busy protecting the Regime, but they are not protecting the public, which is something they are expected to do based on their mandate.
Please support Wael because he can get arrested any time and imprisoned.
I want to be very clear that this award is not given to us because we have been beaten or tortured; this award is for what we do to achieve free __expression for journalists in our country
 I want to say I am not afraid of being arrested or even killed because I know that our journey is very difficult and very long and the price of achieving free __expression is very high, but I am ready to pay this price right now, not tomorrow, right now. So we are setting up an organization in Egypt who cares about journalists and their challenges called Journalists Without Limits, and that with your support we will succeed to be free journalists who can challenge government pressure and live without fear.
Finally let me thank Mr Tarek Fatah,his wife narges and his kind daughter Natasha who have welcomed me into their home during stay.
 Abeer Alaskary

 "Insults and abuses to Abeer El-Askary"

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