Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Affirms Tahrir 'Revolution Capital Cairo' Million-Man March
Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Affirms Tahrir 'Revolution Capital Cairo' Million-Man March
Thursday, October 3,2013 19:18

Throughout the history of Egypt, the Egyptian army has always been the pride of its people and an integral part of the national struggle for the protection of Egypt, its land and its people. History shows how Egyptians embraced their army after the 1967 defeat (in the war with Israel).

Then, both the people and the army were united until the latter was able to win the October 6, 1973 war, which became a bright spot in the history of national struggle for all Egyptians. It was the victory of an army and its people. No army can win without popular support.

The real leaders are those who carried the heavy responsibility in those difficult circumstances and turned their weapons toward the real enemy, on the homeland’s borders. They are the leaders who raised the slogan ‘God is Great’, which reflects the identity of this nation.

The real leaders are those whose blood was spilled in defense of this homeland, its people and its resources. They are the soldiers and officers, the true heroes we proudly raise high over our heads. As for traitors who betray their solemn oaths, kill and train their weapons on their own people, they do not belong with us.

We call on members of the armed forces – leaders, soldiers and officers – to return to the Egyptian military doctrine on October 6 and be inspired by that creative, patriotic, empowering spirit.

The enemy is the same for both the army and the people. This enemy does not exist in the streets of Egypt, nor in its schools. History will forever remember that this generation of the Egyptian army is the first to raise its weapons in the face of its people, and never used those weapons to face your enemies, our enemies. We remind you that the will of the army is not above or beyond the will of the people.

The dangerous change in the doctrine of the Egyptian army now is the heavy responsibility of the military coup commanders who pushed the Egyptian army into the realm of political action, to side with one party at the expense of the other, diverting its men from their real mission of protecting the homeland’s borders.

We, the Egyptian people, do more keenly care for our army than those generals. They are no patriotic leaders. They lost legitimacy to lead the Egyptian national army. The real leaders who fought the October war, who are truly committed to the military doctrine of the Egyptian army, are the ones who certainly represent us.

Therefore, the Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance calls all the masses of the Egyptian people, in all provinces across the nation, to positively participate in non-stop, non-violent protest activities starting tomorrow, Friday October 4, and to rally in Tahrir Square on October 6, in "Cairo, Capital of the Revolution" million-man march, a tribute to patriotic national army heroes, who fought the October war. We will raise high posters of the real leaders of the war.

We will also raise high posters of all October martyrs and heroes we know as well as banners saluting the soldiers who fought the October war – so our brave army regains its commitment to the true Egyptian military doctrine and knows the difference between the enemy and its people, before it turns into militias that do not have any other mission but killing its own people and chasing their children and students in schools and streets.

God save Egypt and its people, its patriotic national army and its true leaders…

"Those who do wrong will soon come to meet their ultimate destiny." (Quran 26:227)

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Cairo: October 3, 2013