Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Arrest of Popular Supply Minister
Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Arrest of Popular Supply Minister
Wednesday, November 13,2013 06:44

 Continuing its relentless campaign of arrests targeting honorable opponents of the traitorous military coup, the putschists’ security forces arrested on Tuesday Bassem Ouda, the Minister of Supply in President Morsi’s government.

The arrest of Dr. Bassem Ouda, the best and most popular Supply Minister in the history of Egypt – according to enemies and friends alike – confirms that under the treasonous military coup, the corrupt and the murderers enjoy freedom, while the honorable are put behind bars.

Has Dr. Ouda been arrested for inciting bakeries to produce bread with specifications fit for dignified Egyptians and for shuttering bakeries caught trading subsidized flour in black markets? Certainly, one of the first decisions the coup government made was to reopen bakeries that had robbed Egyptians of their subsidies food supplies.

Has Dr. Ouda been arrested for solving the butane gas cylinder crisis? Certainly, the price of these cooking gas cylinders under the coup has risen from around 10 Egyptian Pounds to 70 and even 100 Pounds all over the country!

Has Dr. Ouda been arrested for his insistence on delivering the best products to the great people of Egypt? Of course, prices under the coup have doubled and tripled, several times, for many staple foods.

We saw Minister Bassem Ouda’s home, when coup forces raided it. Everyone was surprised at how ‘really simple’ the minister’s home is.

These repressive practices and the exclusion of honorable Egyptian people confirm that under the military coup, honest and patriotic citizens, the loyal sons and daughters of this homeland are thrown into jail, where they can be of no help to their fellow Egyptians, especially the simple man in the street, while the murderers and the corrupt who looted the nation’s resources over six decades are acquitted and released.

Freedom and Justice Party
Cairo: November 12, 2013